[Newsen, 12 November 2020]: GOT7 released a teaser for their new album ‘Breath of Love : Last Piece’.

GOT7 released a new teaser that had a new vibe through their official SNS channel for their comeback on 30th November.

In the group photo that was released at midnight earlier today, it brings memories of how the world looks pink when you are deeply in love with your partner.  With the usage of the subtle pink light and smog, the heart that is at its peak appears profound and mysterious.

With the unrealistic visuals of the seven members, the viewers’ excitement increased and made them dream of a romantic fantasy.

The teasers containing deep emotions from the stage of when love starts right to the moment of being deep in love is creating curiosity about the new album and song.

‘Breath’ will be released at 6PM on 23rd November as part of the comeback promotion.