[Newsen, 17 November 2020]: GOT7 Mark has captivated the fans’ hearts through visuals that are only seen from a romance movie.

JYP Entertainment released 3 of Mark’s teaser photos for the new album through their official SNS  channel at midnight of 17th November.

Through incredible visuals, Mark completes a storyline about love simply by his three teaser photos alone. Starting with a moment’s eye contact and then quickly falling deeply in love with one another, the world is then coloured in pink light due to love; portraying the moments of love visually.

GOT7 is returning after 2 years with their fourth studio album ‘Breath of Love : Last Piece’. This is the first time since their debut that they will be having a double title song, making the fans’ joy and happiness double.

The title song ‘Breath’ will be pre-released on the 23rd and was composed and produced by Youngjae; it is a song that expresses the moment of meeting the someone who is your fate.

The other title song, ‘LAST PIECE’ was written and composed by JB, with the message, ‘I need to have you, the last piece, in order for us to be complete’.

Including the two title songs, the new studio album comprises of 10 songs which also features compositions by Mark, Jackson, Jinyoung, BamBam and Yugyeom.

GOT7 will be pre-releasing ‘Breath’ at 6PM on 23rd November while the studio album ‘Breath of Love : Last Piece’ will be released at 6PM on 30th November.