[Xsportsnews, 11 November 2020]: GOT7 released a teaser photo that looked like they were swimming in the deep blue skies.

At midnight on 11th of November, through their official SNS channel, (GOT7) released an additional group teaser photo for their new fourth regular studio album ‘Breath of Love : Last Piece’.

In the teaser, using a blue background and subtle smog effect, it creates the illusion that GOT7 is floating in the air.

Expressing the excitement and the fluttering feeling of walking on the clouds when love starts made the hearts of the viewers moved.

In addition, the incredible visuals of the members lying down on each other couple with the dreamlike mood gave a bigger thrill.

The teaser photo released earlier showed the moment of falling (in love) for the other person and with a more mature feeling this time, it is building questions regarding the new album’s concept.

Curiosity is also building up on which stages of love will be portrayed in the upcoming contents to be revealed.

GOT7 will be returning in 2 years with a full length studio album ‘Breath of Love : Last Piece’ on 30th November at 6PM.

‘Breath’ will pre-released on 23rd November at 6PM and is expected to increase the heat of the comeback.