[OSEN, 13 November 2020]: GOT7 released their tracklist for their 4th studio album ‘Breath of Love : Last Piece’ on their official SNS channels at midnight of 13th November.

Track 1 and 2, ‘Breath’ and ‘LAST PIECE’ make up the double title track of the album. This is the first time that GOT7 is releasing a double title track and both songs are productions of the members, making it even more meaningful.

The first track, ‘Breath’, is produced and written by Youngjae together with Ju Chan-yang, Lavin and Nihwa who have worked on several songs for GOT7. This song which features a sophiscated sound and the colours’ of the members’ voices will be released on 23rd November, heating up the comeback vibe.

The other title song, ‘LAST PIECE’ has leader JB’s name as the composer and songwriter and he shows perfect teamwork with JOMALXNE and D.ham(220VOLT). Together, they have worked on GOT7’s ‘You Are’, ‘Look’, ‘ECLIPSE’, ‘PRAY’, ‘PAGE’ and more, showing a powerful synergy. Through GOT7’s ‘LAST PIECE’, it is sending a romantic message of ‘I need to have you, the last piece, in order for us to be complete’.

In the new album, there are a total of 10 songs: ‘Born Ready’, ‘SPECIAL’, ‘WAVE’, ‘Waiting For You’, ‘I’ll Do It Now’, ‘1+1’, ‘I Mean It’, ‘We Are Young’, including the title songs. Mark, Jackson, Jinyoung, BamBam and Yugyeom each took part in the composition and writing from track 3 to track 7, creating a plentiful album.

In addition, they worked with skillful international musician Jake Torrey and Noah Conrad who also worked on BTS’ ‘Undelivered Truth’.

GOT7 will be releasing their new studio album ‘Breath of Love : Last Piece’ on 30th of November. Ahead of its release, title song ‘Breath’ will be pre-released on 23rd November.