Breath of Love

After two years, GOT7 is finally returning with a full studio regular album, ‘Breath of Love’. This means more songs for fans to indulge in and enjoy.

But what makes this album even more special is knowing that Mark has also contributed in composing and writing a song on the album, called Born Ready. The last time Mark composed a song for GOT7 (excluding songs for concerts and solo songs) was in 2016, where he worked on Let Me, No Jam and My Home for the Flight Log: Turbulence album.

As this is Mark’s composition that is being shared with us after such a long time, we would like to share this happiness and joy with all of Mark’s fans! We will be providing free Genie streaming links to Born Ready, Breath and Last Piece for everyone to enjoy! Find out the schedule and tutorials on how to redeem the Genie links below!


Links will be released on @withyoumarktuan Twitter account.

Date Time in KST Song Number of links
1st December – 6th December 2020 9:00am & 9:00pm Breath or Last Piece 100 plays per session
1st December – 6th December 2020 9:04am & 9:04pm Born Ready 100 plays per session

*Depending on the take up rate by fans, we may extend this project till the end of GOT7’s promotion period.


Prerequisite: Genie account.

Windows / MAC

Apple / iOS