Mark’s 2019 was full of schedules, including fan meetings and solo fansigns. When being asked which one left the deepest impression, Mark was in deep thoughts and after awhile he answered with a serious look: “The first fan meeting in China.”

“I thought to myself that I’m really awesome,” he added but he was really shy after saying that and covered his mouth while smiling.

“I was really nervous at the beginning, but eventually started to enjoy the stage after a while” shared by the newbie who just started his career in the China entertainment industry.

“If I were to perform, it has to be the best that I can present. I won’t let the fans down.”

2019 has been a really busy year for Mark. Mark’s daily life has been packed with schedules such as promotion of their mini album, TV shows, world tours and FMs. The Mark who always has full control when he’s on the stage, as if it is achieved effortlessly. His soothing voice, clean yet powerful moves and the expressions made by him which seems “just right”, all these were only made possible through the endless nights spent in the training room.

“Ask when in doubt, I’m still learning.”

Mark expressed a few times that he’s still learning, still practicing. The truth is, he made it.

In a blink of an eye, it has been 6 years since Duan Yi En debuted. But he’s just like when he first debuted, still the slogan “Work Hard, Play Hard”, it has never changed.

He never had the thought of slowing down on his journey to learning more. When met with something that he’s unsure of, he would always ask humbly.

Although there were already on-going communications previously, Mark still reads the script carefully three times after receiving it. Mark repeatedly checks and clarifies with the staff regarding his doubts on the questions. When he sees a question that he couldn’t understand fully, he repeatedly corrects his pronunciation with the cute and soft Chinese that he’s speaking.

Whenever he sees the famous internet slangs, he would look at the interviewer with full anticipation and then patiently ask for the meanings of those phrases.



“In 2020, I would like to release a solo album, try out acting and come meet the fans more.”

Just like what Duan Yi En shared, he has been attending acting classes and if opportunities arise he would like to try out acting. If his schedule allows, he would like to travel and also try out the local food in different cities.

“I’ve prepared a surprise for the fans.” Mark has always been working hard, turning all feelings of nervousness to now being good in everything that he’s doing.

Mark is still on his way to achieving many of his dreams. Not only that he’s passionate, the perseverance and energy that we see from his eyes, that’s him who’s constantly breaking through and growing.

In the blink of an eye, it was already half way through the shooting. The shooting scene was then shifted outside to the yard and when everything was ready, Mark stretched his little head out from the window. “Bang!”, looking at how he frowned, even before the rest figured out what happened to him, he smiled and told the staff to not worry by signalling with his eyes. After caressing his head, he switched to the professional model mode in a flash. The unique design of the green sweater seems to be much to Mark’s liking. He was playing with the long sleeves and humming to songs, just like a little kid who got a precious toy. Totally immersed in the little world of his, enjoying the little breaks amidst of his busy schedule, it was a moment of alone time for him.

During the special segment of the shoot, the staff deliberately prepared a Chinese traditional poem <Goose, Goose, Goose>. When Mark first saw it, he found it funny and also a little helpless at the same time. After taking a deep breath, like one who’s fully prepared, Mark started to read the poem using the voice changing mic. Upon hearing the cartoon voice, Mark was really flustered and even said “Ah, what’s that?” in Korean. However, he quickly recomposed himself and it’s apparent that with the voice changing mic, Mark spoke with even more energy. Mark unexpectedly succeeded with just one try and even he himself applauded the good work. After he finished reading the poem, he continued playing with the voice changing mic, not wanting to put it down. “Ah, ah, ah”, looking at how he was trying with a different tone, he was enjoying the happiness upon hearing how the voices change.

We all know that Mark’s favorite fruit is strawberry. The staff hence deliberately included strawberries into the shoot as props. Guess it’s also counted as fulfilling his wish of eating strawberries while shooting. “While holding the strawberry, look towards me, you’re so good looking,” said the photographer who was pressing the shutter while exclaiming on Mark’s visual with his East-North Province accent which made Mark laugh out loud. While sitting on the steps, Mark ate the strawberries but he didn’t forget to share the strawberries with the fans who were watching him from the screen. Even until we called it an end to the shoot, Mark didn’t stop inhaling the strawberries. He was still looking at the strawberries that he held on dearly to with his hand. Looking at how almost half of the bowl of strawberries vanished by the time the shoot ended, it was definitely no doubt that the pictorial fairy’s also a foodie.

100% happiness

I love all of them. I wish I could visit more cities in 2020.

All of it is from the fans, as fans know me well and understand what I am thinking of.

I will let fans win by pretending I am not good at it.

Martial arts, swimming and skateboarding. I am confident I will win.

They are cute, pretty and supportive of me.

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