GOT7 – The boy group that gained a big success through a world tour last year and got even more powered up, has come back to JELLY. While their mature sexiness and manliness are gradually escalating, the youthful silliness in them hasn’t changed one bit, bringing about a fascinating charm through the boys’ varicolored expressions. In this issue, we will once again delve into their charm as a group and many of their true faces.


Born on 6/1/1994. Korean, blood type A, 179cm.
Leader of the group and also participates in music production.
An existence that pulls the group forward.

Born on 4/9/1993. American, blood type A, 175cm.
His native English accent in every rap part is his charm.
He’s also gaining intention for plenty of his photogravure
showed on many fashion magazines around the world.

Born on 22/9/1994. Korean, blood type O, 178cm.
Noble facial features and a soothing singing voice are his charms.
He also owns a good reputation for his brilliant acting skill and is currently gaining attention
for his paying in the drama “Psychometric Guy” in Korea.

Born on 17/9/1996. Korean, blood type B, 177cm.
Owner of a powerful singing voice.
He also owns the cute nickname “Otter” for having an adorable face alike with it.

Born on 2/5/1997. Thai, blood type B, 174.5cm.
Owner of exceptional senses, which can be seen in some of his works
such as original movies etc.

Born on 17/11/1997. Korean, blood type A, 182cm.
He’s gaining a lot attention for not only have a good vocal
but also for many dance performances in which he leverages a style equivalent to models.

⁂ “I want to know everything about these boys!” ⁂

JELLY. It has been 5 years since your group was established, but which do you think is the present charm of GOT7?
BB: If I have to choose a charm of ours that has never changed, it would be our down-to-earth, sincere selves. We stay true as ourselves even in variety or reality shows, so I think that side must be one thing the fans love about us.
YG: Comparing to the past, our appearances now are much more refined! (Laughs) Also, I feel that everyone has become more honest to themselves than before. Because once all members of GOT7 get together, we would become like a bunch of free-spirited children!
JY: But we’re a bit too much free-spirited (laughs).
BB: Don’t you feel that we have become quite more like humans? (Laughs)

JELLY. What were you before then?
YG: Aliens!
BB: No, we used to be pupas, but now we have all become butterflies~

JELLY. Which means, you all already molted right?
MK: Yes! (T/N: in English)
BB: I have the feeling that we had truly turned into butterflies in the year 2018. It was the busiest year we’ve ever had, but we had enough experiences up until now so we were able to spend the year easily. Normally everyone would get restless and rushed off their feet once it gets busier, but we all could face it with a relaxed attitude.
JB: After all, I think our good point is we have never changed ever since our debut. Of course becoming more mature and showing a positive transformation is a good thing, but our belief and also our pride are placed in the thought that it’s better not to change who we are.

JELLY. So which member do you think is the one that has changed the most?
JY: BamBam was really a baby though……
BB: I have aged~ (laughs)
JY: He used to be such a baby, but now he has turned into an adult oozing out sexiness and manliness, so different to the point it makes me wonder if he would be okay being like this?
BB: Sometimes when I discover some past pictures of mine on the internet, I’m even surprised at how myself looked so baby-ish back then (laughs).
MK: You’re still such a child even now (laughs).

JELLY. Is there any change in the relationship between the members?
JY: It’s the relationship between JB hyung and other members. In the past, JB hyung was their leader and also a figure kind of difficult to approach to them. As the members gradually became powered up, JB hyung started to lose his ground. Maybe especially towards the younger members (laughs). JB hyung might look very scary at first sight, but we also realized that he’s in fact a funny person, and he’s even messed around by others lately. He was such an overwhelming figure who acts as power balance in the past, but now he has become the total opposite (laughs).

JELLY. Are you actually as he said, JB-ssi?
MK: You don’t need to bother to ask the person in question, the truth is just as told (laughs).
All: (Laughs)
JB: True as he said. The distance between me and the members has been reduced, and our positions have become leveled off.
JY: No, not level off. I think your ground is already on a tilt by them (laughs).
JB: Lately, the young boys keep sandwiching me between them, making me feel more and more inferior to them. If it keeps being like this, sooner or later I would shrink into just a tiny dot and disappear forever ~
YJ: The ones pushing him the most are the maknae duo BamBam and Yugyeom!

⁂ The most XXX member is~ ⁂

Who is the member whose manliness has increased?
YG: Mark hyung! He got stronger in every aspect.
BB: Even though he used to be a honor student type, lately he’s changed to the “Gangster style”!
YG: He even raises his voice (at us) right?
MK: It’s because the two of you maknaes make me do so~ But I’m not scary though? (Laughs)
YJ: But I think Mark hyung indeed has become manlier!

Cute member is?
BB: There is this person who is just so unbearably cute! JB hyung!!
All: (while giving thumbs-up) Jjang~♡
JB: Jjang ♡
JY: JB hyung is indeed the cutest right~
YG & MK: So cuteeee~~~
BB: He owns aegyos that lose to no one’s.
YJ: No matter how tired or sleepy, every time we do aegyo to him telling “Hyung is the best?”, JB hyung will respond with an even cuter aegyo.
MK: The upside-down rotation of the “power balance” of our group can be felt clearly.
JB: I admit I’m a bit cute. I’ve been too sexy up until now, but being sexy alone must be boring.
All: (burst out laughing)
JB: Isn’t a gap (in personality) an important thing too? Plus cuteness is also essential so I’m aiming for it. “I will win your hearts ♡ jjang~♡”
All: Jjang~ (= the best)♡

The gentle one lately is?
JY: I must say it’s no one else but me then. (a definite reply)
All: Ahahahahaha~ (burst out laughing)
BB: Isn’t it no one is like that in our group? (Laughs)
YG: Maybe JB hyung?
JY: That’s right. Just how cold he was in the past (for the kids to say that)….. (laughs)
BB: Indeed, he’s definitely more gentle than before!
JB: Guys, you’re cornering me saying like that (laughs).
BB: Oh sorry then?
YJ: It’s okay, JB hyung is gentle! I’m gentle too!
YG: Recently Youngjae hyung has become more of a meanie too! Those who say themselves as nice and gentle are the mean ones you know.
YJ: Then Jinyoung hyung is also the same, no?
BB: I’m only nice to my own self.
JY: Wrong, wrong, everyone is gentle. All of us are.
JB: Please write down that all of us are gentle (laughs).

Which member do you think is an “ikemen” (handsome man)?
YJ: Ahh! It’s me! (immediate answer)
JY: It’s Yugyeom. I can’t point out the reason why, but I think he has become more handsome lately. Maybe because he got polished well?
YG: My choice is Mark hyung! (Laughs)
All: Hahahahaha~ (laugh)
MK: Why are you laughing!?
JY: Today is all about Mark hyung! (Laughs) Somehow he has such a looks overflowing with a sense of freedom on his face lately. Perhaps having a room the breathe is just simple as that.

Was there any happening in which you feel like breaking free from something?
MK: Nothing though (laughs).
YG: Because Mark hyung is always mysterious.

Member who likes playing pranks on others is?
JB: The person with plaster neck brace over there (※ he means Jinyoung who was wearing a white turtleneck)! For example, if other member throws a frontal punch at him, Jinyoung will rotate his arms to behind their back and throw a punch from there. That’s how his tactic feels like.
YG: That’s why he’s always doing things no one can predict.
MK: To me, it’s that brat. That brat that brat! (Stares a hole through Yugyeom)
YJ: Seems like it’s escalated to the point hyung doesn’t even want to mention his name (laughs).
MK: Because I’m always targeted by him…
YG: (averts his eyes) Yes yes yes yes.

JELLY. What did you buy lately, and what do you want to buy in Japan?
BB: Tonkotsu Ramen!
YJ: The snacks Noriten (T/N: deep fried tempura with dried seaweeds)
JY: I bought the honey-filled fragrance hair treatment together with Mark hyung. It’s a must-buy item to every Korean when visiting Japan.
YG: I bought the same thing as them~ Besides, I also bought foam face wash that can lather/make bubbles well!
MK: I bought masks. The kind of mask box with 80 masks in black and white in it ♪ I bought foam face wash and cleansing sheets for skin too.
YG: Treatment! Treatment! Treatment!
JY: Why are you keep yelling that (laughs)?
JB: Japanese products for pet cat are the best, so I will definitely buy cat food. I always prioritize my cats over myself!
JY: Because JB is the butler of his own cats.

JELLY. In Japan we also call that type of person as “Neko no shita boku” (Cat’s slave).
JB: Ah!! Could I be exactly that type!!
BB: I’m also a cat’s slave!
JB: When wake up in the morning, I would only move on 4 limbs until I walk out of my room. Because if I try to walk out on 2 legs, I would get played with (by my cats) so I have to no choice but to do so, pretending like I’m a cat so that they won’t realize it’s me.

JELLY. You all have a high fashion sense in your own style, but is there any personal addiction to a fashion style lately?
YG: I once got hooked on wearing penny loafers without socks during summer. But I’ve gotten cold lately so I don’t wear them anymore.
JB: I am challenging many fashion styles these days. I like conventional styles. For example, it would be nicer to have paisley pattern on denims, or some vintage items. Lately, I’m very interested in denim bottoms with multi fabric patchwork.

JELLY. What winter fashion item you want girls to wear?
YJ: In winter, I hope girls will put on a scarf around their neck with many rolls~
BB: I don’t want them to wear down outer!
JY: Huh? They will die if they don’t wearing warmly though! You might end up wearing thinner after all to appear fashionably, but I don’t want our fans to damage their own health. Everyone, if you read this interview, please make sure to think of your health first and wear warmly, okay!
MK: Yeah, that’s right! Please do not indulge in fashion too much in winter. The most important thing is keeping yourself from catching a cold.
BB: Why are you denying my opinion (laughs)?
JB: I want them to dress a bit thinly in winter too, because if they feel cold, there will be me to warm them up. My body temperature is quite high, that’s why I could become their heat pad and give them warmth through hand holding!
All: Woooosh! Jjang (= the best)♡

JELLY. The next question is….
YG: Wait! Please hear my opinion too!
All: Ahahahahaha (laugh)
YG: I would be happy if they dress in cute fashion with an innocent feeling for me. I will leave it to your own decision on what kind of fashion it is!


JELLY. The title track from this album “I WON’T LET YOU GO” is a complete change in atmosphere from the Hip-Hop styled songs you’ve been released up to now. Please introduce the appealing points of this song!
JY: It’s a song that suits winter mood perfectly.
YG: It is an emotional song with melancholic melody and lyrics, yet the performance for this song is crazily powerful. I think that gap is one of the appealing points of this song.
JY: Every release of ours has very heavy dance routine. I guess that is something remains unchanged comparing to our past songs (laughs).
YJ: It’s a very nice song we accomplished, so it would be nice if you can enjoy it whether by listening by ears only or while watching the MV.
JB: In a chatting app, there is a stamp of a bear reaching out his hand saying “Please don’t go~” while lying face down. The feeling of our song is exactly like that (laughs).
YJ: Also, the song “ZERO” recorded for the album is composed by Jinyoung hyung. Yugyeom will talk about the appeal of that song then!
YG: Yup! The lyrics of “ZERO” go as『Without you, my existence will turn to “ZERO”, but if you’re with me, I can become “100” 』, allowing the song to express a passionate feeling.
JY: True as he said!

JELLY. Please tell us about each unit song too!
YG: Mine and Jinyoung hyung’s unit song “25” sings about how 24 hours of two people staying together are not enough, and they just need one more hour.
BB: Mine and Mark hyung’s song “COLD” is a Hip-Hop one, and it’s about Mark hyung shivering by the coldness from all the diamonds and necklaces put on his body because are too heavy (laughs).
YJ: Mine and JB hyung’s unit song “REBORN” is based on a dream of JB hyung.
JB: The meaning of this song is “Reborn”, with the message that “let break free from all the temptations and desires in the world to make a fresh start all over again, and let’s overcome the harsh reality. Its content speaks out for the feelings of those who have to face hardships and painful things every day in their lives.

JELLY. Lastly, please give the readers of JELLY some messages to help them do well and get through this harsh winter!
YG: Please don’t force yourself too much, just let yourself go with the flow and stay true to your nature. We GOT7 will always support you!
YJ: Don’t push yourself too much. Because sometimes letting yourself relax will make things go more smoothly for you to some extent.
All: Ahahaha (laugh)
YJ: It’s okay to take it easy and spend your time as how you think is right, and when there is something possible to gain, you can start gaining it and exerting your own strengths from right there. Because there is definitely no such thing as lateness in everything you do.
BB: I hope you to live every day as if it was the last day of your life. There might be no tomorrow waiting for us ahead, so just do your best to live today will all your heart.
JY: But tomorrow will definitely come, so please do not give yourself up to despair! Because the sun of tomorrow will rise tomorrow!
Mark: Just do what you want to do and enjoy living your life without regret.
YG: Just as Mark hyung! (Laughs)
JB: I agree that doing your best to live is a very good thing, but the “life” we’re given only exists once. We will never know when and how it would become, that’s why rather than having yourself too bound to something, it’d be better to live your life while creating many memories as how you truly feel in the present. Especially those who are students, the stage you’re currently at in your life now is a time that will never come for the second time, so please do as much as possible the things you can do during that time. Of course it’s good to study hard, but I think broadening your view of the world and feeling many things as much as you can is important too.

Translations and photos by @coded4d9dc.