The temperature difference between outdoors and indoors made droplets of water appear on the glass and it was a truly cold day but the studio that GOT7 Mark was in was filled with warmth. If human could generate temperature, Mark would definitely be ‘warmth’.

You went on your second world tour in 2018. How was it compared to the first world tour?
We only visited Asia and USA in our first tour but this time round we went to South America and Europe too so it truly feels like a world tour. Honestly, the previous time didn’t feel like a world tour (laughs).

You visited 17 cities in 4 months. It’s a long time. Was there anything that changed over time?
Um… I felt/realised a lot. We did this tour on a huge scale. The smallest venue was for 5,000 people. I’m really thankful to the many fans who came. We also prepared for the album in the midst of the tour. We wanted to work even harder and produce an even better album.

Was there any city that especially left an impression on you?
Every city is memorable but Paris especially. The feet stomping cheer that one does when watching soccer, they did that at our concert. We were all truly touched. And I don’t know if it’s because I was born there but LA was really nice too. Before the show, we took a photo to be hung for the venue’s Hall of Fame. I felt really good.

How did it feel like at the last concert in Hong Kong?
We did our showcase performance a year after debut at the same venue. But since there weren’t a lot of audiences back then the stage was pushed forward towards the audience a lot but now, it changes every time we go there. It feels good somewhat. In the past, we had to keep walking to get to the stage but now the minute we enter the venue, it’s already the stage (laughs).

You performed ‘Think About It’ during this tour, right? Who do you want to team up with next? In the summer we asked BamBam about this as well.
Who did BamBam say he would like to do it with?

He said he would do it with Youngjae.
Aha! I will do it with Yugyeom. I’ve worked on a lot of songs with Yugyeom but we’ve never done a unit together.

During the world tour, you spent a lot of time in the cabin, didn’t you? What do you do inside the plane?
I will tell you my routine. I don’t sleep right after I get on the plane. I listen to songs and after the plane takes off, I watch movie(s). If the flight is 5-6 hours, then I watch 1 movie. If I go to further places like USA or Europe, then I watch 2 movies, eat and then sleep. And depending on the time we depart and arrive, I’ll make a decision on whether I will stay up the night before.

So that you’re adjusting to the local time of your arrival? That’s so professional.
I stay up if it’s a long flight.. If I’m to arrive at the destination in the next morning, I’ll stay up the night before. I’ll stay up, sleep in the plane and adjust myself to the local time there. That’s comfortable for me.

The repackaged album is out this week. What kind of album is it?
The repackaged is called & ME. It includes the gratitude we felt during the tour and we recorded title song ‘Lullaby’ in several languages. As we wanted to create an album that was like a gift, we added the unit songs from our first and second world tour. ‘Miracle’ is GOT7’s first ballad title song; it reflects how we prepared for our debut in winter but it was truly warm because we met our fans.

What did you feel when you first heard the song?
I really liked it. In the beginning, ‘Take Me To You’ and ‘Miracle’ were the two candidates for the title song. We decided through a vote.

Which did you vote for?
I voted for both. To be honest, I was more attracted to ‘Take Me To You’. Because I think dance is a strength of ours that we are able to show on stage. So I wanted to make a comeback with a (song that showcased) performance. But ‘Miracle’ is also a song that fits us well.

What kind of ‘miracle’ have you experienced as you live life?
There’s a lot. Being casted is a miracle too. I was standing on top a table in school and was talking to my friends when casting managers told me to go for an audition. If that matter didn’t happen, I wouldn’t be in Korea now.

‘Miracle’ was introduced through letters written to the fans. Whose idea was it? The fans really liked it.
The company’s. At first there were suggestions like uploading photos from trainee times but my photos from trainee times are in another phone. So I didn’t have photos (laughs).

Your solo song is called ‘OMW’. Your solo song isn’t ordinary. What kind of message is included?
I wanted to say ‘(we) are continuously working hard and we will succeed’. I wanted to say that I know that I’m still lacking (but) I’m not affected by the words of haters, I will work hard and I will succeed.

Haven’t you succeeded already?
We always talk to each other about how we need to grow even more. We really say that often.

Then what kind of dreams are you having now?
To grow even more and become a better artist.

You’re in the hyung-line in GOT7, right? Are there many instances where you have to give in? For example, can you give up your drumstick even though you really like it?
I really like drumsticks (laughs). I will never give it up. There’s no such thing in our team. We’re like family or really close friends. When BamBam says, “I will eat this”, he doesn’t even wait for an answer and eats it right away. The other members are all like that too.

You get a lot of killing parts in GOT7’s songs. How did you manage to get them? Would it be similar to how you don’t give up the drumsticks?
I don’t know why it’s like that. They just give it to me. Even from a long time ago, if there was such a part, the company would be like ‘Let’s make Mark do it’. I guess that has become a concept now. If there’s a narration in a song, that part is given to me. When JB makes a song, JB is the one who gives it to me.

We were able to watch <GOT7’s Hard Carry 2> after a long while. Which episode left the deepest impression on you? You went surfing, you also played the tail catching game.
It was really fun. The most enjoyable (episode) was the tail catching one. Youngjae, seriously… this time round was truly free/relaxed. We went to places we wanted to go and we did the things we wanted to do. This is the first filming we’ve had that didn’t make us say certain ments, there was nothing at all.

If you were to play the tail catching game again, how would you strategise?
I would just turn off my smartphone (laughs).

If you were to film season 3 in LA, what do you want to do?
If it’s LA, we definitely have to film at the amusement park. Because there are several members who hate it. Haha! Either by wagering or if someone loses at a game, he would have to ride a scary ride. Youngjae hates it and Jackson is pretty fearful as well.

According to Mark, Jackson has a lot of fears. We’re writing this down.
It’s true. Jackson is afraid of more things than expected.

Previously you did a show called ‘Markson Show’. Don’t you have thoughts in doing that again? How about a unit with JB?
We always talk about doing it but we can’t get time so we can’t do it. It was either last year, or early this year, I did a unit with Jaebeom in Japan. There’s also a song only by Jaebeom and I in the album and we also performed it during the tour. It would be nice if there’s a chance (to do so).

Mark has a lot of nicknames. Like the popular ‘Young Master’ nickname, you have an image of always being proper and kind.
‘Young Master’? What does that mean?

Um.. To explain it, it would be like you’re born with a silver spoon (but) you’re a role model student who abides by the rules.
Really? Thank you. I think I am someone who abides by the rules. I believe strongly that one has to abide by them. I’m someone who is cautious when doing anything.

Which nickname do you like best, apart from ‘Young Master’?
I like Firm Mark. Hahaha.

You’re the member who does MAT well. Since the music color has changed, the opportunities to show off MAT has decreased lately. Has your skills remained as it is?
It has remained as it is. I don’t practice it but sometimes when I go to the practice room and think ‘It’s been a while, shall I try doing it?’, it turns out well. I was surprised myself. I have to do it during MAMA and I haven’t done it in a while so I was nervous but my body remembers.

Is there a secret to this? Or are you just born with it?
It’s because I’ve done it a lot. When I first started, it was scary. After doing it once, the fear disappears a little. The first is scary. After that, it’s okay.

What kind of performance do you like best?
The version of ‘Teenager’ that we did at the end of year stages. I think that performance fits me perfectly. We are able to show our strength by enjoying ourselves and dancing in the performance.

How did you use to spend the end and start of the year before you came to Korea?
If it’s around this period, then it’s school break. My friends and my family would rent a cabin and spend a few days there, riding the snowboard, play games and watch movies.

Compared to LA, Korea is so cold. Isn’t it?
In Korea I have to wear long sleeves, a hoodie, a padding on top of that and also heattech in that (laughs). But I like the weather for Korea’s winter. Because I like snow. It’s sad that it disappears the next day.

Are there moments when you feel ‘I’m pretty much a Korean now’?
When I suddenly speak in Korean to my parents or my friends in the States. I dream pretty much in Korean now. I think in Korean too.

Not too long ago, you changed your hair colour to navy. What do you do when you don’t go to the shop/salon and only get your hair done on your own?
I don’t touch it at all. I leave it in its natural state. I don’t even dry my hair after washing it but 3 weeks ago, my mom bought me a hair dryer when she came to Korea so I’ve started drying my hair since. I chose the navy colour based on hair colours I’ve not tried before. Just a few days ago I was thinking of a hair colour that I’ve yet to try but it seems like I’ve tried everything. I’d like to try complete white/blonde but thinking of my hair, I’m still deliberating over it.

You always welcome the new year at the end of year gayos. It’ll probably be the same for this year too. Therefore, if you could have 2 Marks, one will go to the end of year gayos and the other Mark is able to do whatever you want, what will you tell the other Mark to do?
Oh, that is so nice! But since it’s been such a long time since I’ve had to free time to do something, I don’t know what to do. Since my friends are all at the broadcasting stations too, I don’t think there’s anything to do. It would be nice to send him to the States to spend time with my friends and family.

You also wrote your life motto ‘Work Hard, Play Hard’ on your Instagram? Is it still as valid as before?
It’s a song by someone that I heard even before coming to Korea. Even though it’s simple, it carries a meaning to it. Coming to Korea, I’m working hard, for my future I have to work hard now. When playing, I play hard and when I rest, I completely rest.

Do you still diligently play Battleground? Are you good?
Hahaha! I still do. Only sometimes! Lately only the people who are good at Battleground are left. My skills.. I think they’re not bad.

Is there something you think you’ve done well in this year?
I used to speak very little and I was quiet. But I’m working on being more open. I’m working on fixing it and seeing how I’m improving, I think I’m doing well.

What do you want to accomplish in the new year?
Since we are in our 6th year of promotion next year, I want to keep doing the things like what we’ve done this year. Work hard in our promotions, go on varieties and also have photoshoots like now!

It’s already midnight. I hear you have a schedule early tomorrow morning?
Ah it’s okay. I’m the one who decides on the timing. Even if I’m at home at this hour, I’m not sleeping so it’s pretty much the same. It seems like the photos from today turned out well. I especially like the colours.

It is a fact that GOT7’s energetic songs are always a source of strength for the habitual knock-off road home that goes beyond midnight. Telling Mark that (I’ve) been listening to GOT7 songs medley for a few days prior to meeting him, with his signature gentle expression, Mark asked, “Really? What songs do you like? Our songs are good, right?” The Seongsu studio that was filled with an industrial mood was filled with warmth after Mark’s arrival. ** There are people who are able to change the mood/temperature of a space. Mark is that person.