Mark Tuan
Fresh young man, like a breath of fresh air

The second time meeting Mark Tuan.
He was just as polite as before, the collaboration this time was clearly more relaxed than the first time we met, in his smile there was still the unique pureness of a young man. In front of the camera he was even more enthusiastic and cute, he was used to tilting his head and blinking when taking photos, exuding a sort of natural seductiveness, the mood of the shoot was infected by this charms and energy and became really interesting.

As his schedule in China increases, people start to understand Mark Tuan.

Not long ago, the variety show “All for One” where he appeared as the dance mentor garnered the love and attention of the audience upon airing, “Mark Tuan Speak Up More” even turned up on the top searches on Weibo, his professional critique and charming performance on stage gained him many fans. Talking about his feelings of participating on “All for One” as the special mentor, he answered in an extremely gentle tone, “I was really touched when I saw the contestants, because in the past I was also a trainee, seeing them working really hard for their dreams, I thought of many of the things that happened when I was a trainee.” Just as he finished speaker, Mark Tuan was a little choked up, he who has a soft and gentle heart must have recalled many memories.

In the show when he was asked to say a few words to the contestants, Mark Tuan seriously considered for a few seconds, “No matter which rank they get, they just have to work hard, I don’t want them to have any regrets.

Chatting with him this time, we clearly felt the improvement in his standard of Chinese, he was able to answer fluently for the basic content, this really surprised us. Mark Tuan also revealed his schedule in China for the week, acting/performance lesson was the most important of all, he was really looking forward to being able to meet everyone as an actor if he had the opportunity in the future, we believe that Mark Tuan who was serious and responsible when dealing with anything would be able to give everyone a satisfactory answer. “But learning Chinese characters, it’s really difficult!” His sudden outburst, a complaint filled with a smile, made us feel Mark Tuan’s charms and interesting personality, all the staff at the shoot were infected by this pure and warm young man in front of us.

During the interview, when asked if he was more of a “gentle puppy” or a “fierce wolfhound”, Mark Tuan shyly lowered his head, answered “gentle puppy” and laughed out loud, we remembered that he was still really shy during our last interview, this time he was indeed more confident, bubbly and relaxed. The photographer gave him skipping ropes as a prop, Mark Tuan started playfully skipping once he received it, and everyone was surprised by his body coordination, he himself was also smiling really widely, and there was a tinge was smug on his face — It’s really extremely precious that Mark Tuan, who had been through many things in life, still maintained his heart of youth.

Mark Tuan had always been touted by the fans as “Portrait/Pictorial in Real Life” and he indeed possessed such a ability. During the shoot, he perfectly assimilated the concept of colourful spring and summer, the background colour was loud and colourful, but that contracted extremely well with the pureness and toughness in his eyes. He constantly changed his outfits and poses, the photographer couldn’t help but praised again and again while holding the camera, “This angle is really good!” “This photo is perfect!”

After the interview, we requested him to record a slogan for the magazine, he prepared and recited it a few times and suddenly felt that it was rather difficult to pronounce, so while grabbing the piece of paper and running back to the changing room, he said to us, “Sorry, can I just privately/secretly practise this a few times more?” A really good looking appearance with an interesting soul, Mark Tuan was indeed like a breath of fresh air.

“God kiss his looks, and kissed his soul”. Hope that Mark Tuan can grow in the way he likes, forever be happy and forever be smooth and steady.

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Photos: ELE (1), ELE (2)