Debuted in January 2014 from JYP Entertainment, same agency of 2PM. The multinationalism of its members has gained many attention. Also in the same year, the group made their Japan debut in October with single “AROUND THE WORLD”. In summer of 2018, their World Tour around 17 cities was a big success.

Claimed 1st place on Billboard Japan Hot 100 with “MY SWAGGER” and “THE New Era” released in Japan; then grabbed 7 wins on several main music shows in Korea with their comeback song ” Lullaby” in September, and successfully realized a World Tour around 17 cities – that was GOT7 of 2018. While being ready for their new mini albu1n “I WON’T LET YOU GO” in 2019, the becoming more mature and manly GOT7 both in name as well as in reality has also come back to mini magazine!!!! The present GOT7 which goes on growing up in progressive form as true artists is what you cannot overlook now!



Born on 6/1/1994. Blood type A. 179 cm.
Reliable leader of the team. Lately he has transformed into a well-loved character who is often messed with by the dongsaengs.

Born on 4/9/1994. Blood type A. 175 cm.
Came from America. He’s usually quiet, but is very powerful on stage.

Born on 22/9/1994. Blood type O. 178 cm.
The mediator of the group. He is good at Japanese.

Born on 17/9/1996. Blood type B. 177 cm.
He earned the nickname “Otter” (Kawauso) from fans thanks to his adorable looks.

Born on 2/5/1997. Blood type B. 174.5 cm.
He’s from Thailand. He holds a strong preference to fashion to the point being called “Dandyism leader”.
(T/N: The Japanese word “leader” used for BamBam, in this case often implies gang leader or the best one particularly in a field among a group)

Born on 17/11/2997. Blood type A. 182 cm.
Maknae of the group, but he sometimes sets up pranks on the hyungs too.



Your new mini album “I WON’T LET YOU GO” is going to be released soon. Please tell us about the finest points of each song!
BB: Title song “I WON’T LET YOU GO” is the song containing the will to challenge a style we haven’t tried up until now. Many songs we have released in Japan so far are always powerful and have upbeat vibe. Out performance for the song this time is powerful too, but its lyrics are much more emotional and bring up mellow ambiance.
JB: Its calm vibe is perfect for the current season.
JY: Up until now, many powerful songs have occupied our albums, even ones that were released in winter. However, I guess this time it has become something suitable for winter.
BB: I like this song the most among all the songs we’ve released in Japan so far
JB: Not ‘TURN UP’ huh?
BB: Of course I like “TURN UP” too! (laughs)
JB: Among the side tracks, “NEVER ENDING STORY” is a super adorable song. As “I WON’T~” is a melancholic song, this one must be its contrary.
JY: The composer who wrote this song for us is just 19 years old.
YG: That’s why it could become such an adorable song like that~
YJ: In Japanese age system he is just 18 years old though.
MK: He will become university student this spring but he’s already the ace of JYPE.
JB: And “SEESAW” is a love ballad.
YJ: The scene in this song is used as a metaphor for a love that seems to begin to bloom.
JY: At first I thought the title meant “SEE” (see in present tense) and “SAW” (see in past tense). But I was wrong (laughs).
BB: Me too. I thought the meaning of its was “I saw you”~

“ZERO” is a song composed and has lyrics written by Jinyoung right?
JY: It’s a song I wrote 1 year ago, but I’m happy that it was chosen to be recorded this time. The content of this song is “Without you my existence is zero”.

What do you think is the reason it was chosen to be in the album this time?
JY: Isn’t it because that is a nice song after all? (with self-satisfied look)
YJ: He’s saying that himself (laughs).

Please also tell us about each unit song of yours!
YJ: My and JB hyung’s song “REBORN” is about regaining your old self and overcoming distress and difficulties.
JB: It has a little bit dark vibe, I wonder if everyone would cry out of sympathy if we sing it at concerts.
YJ: Our goal is to make everyone cry! (pretends to shed tears while saying so)
JB: Then we will tease the crying fans after we finish singing (laughs).
YJ: Because JB hyung is mean~ (laughs)
JB: Just kidding! Don’t make me the bad guy here!
BB: My and Mark hyung’s song “COLD” is the exact opposite of “REBORN”, a song which you can only empathize with yourself.
MK: I just sang it as Bambam told me to (laughs).
BB: American rappers often use the slang word “Ice” for platinum and diamond, and when you wear too much “Ice” you will get “COLD”. In other words, it’s a song about rich people (laughs). Even so, the lyric s don’t particularly have any deep meaning. Please just think of it as a song with overflowing confidence,
JY: “25” is the song I, Yugyeom and other composers wrote together.
YG: The meaning of this song is “When I’m with you, 24 hours are just not enough at all, so I wish for 1 more hour”.
YJ: In that case, won’t “30 hours” do too? (laughs)
JY: Just like when we’re playing games or practicing, we often say “Let’s do it for one more hour!” as a habit, don’t we? Familiar to that, this song sings of “I want to stay with you for one more hour”. Meaning, just one day is never enough…
YJ: But isn’t 1 hour later not enough either? Won’t you get lonely?
JY: It’s surely not enough~ (laughs)

The lyric s are heart-fluttering.
JY: Oh, so your heart flutters at those lyrics!? (laughs)
YG: I see~! (laughs)


Ascertain the champion!
Let’s check if all members are connected at heart or not
by having them answer the given topic after shouting “Ready, go~” together!

Well then, please allow us to ask everyone your opinion “ABOUT LOVE”.
BB: I’ve been waiting for that kind of question~! (laughs)

(laughs) Then please tell us the moments that made your heart flutter lately!
BB: Such heart fluttering moments are important indeed! My heart goes racing every time I come back home! Because I love being home (laughs).
YJ: My heart pounded hard when I got rare items in online games!
MK: Ah, I also…
YG: OH, finally the moment Mark hyung has something to say has come! (laughs)
MK: (laughs) I remember this one when the topic about game came up. When I finally got the rare item for which I had to wait for one year long to appear, I was super excited that my heart raced crazily, I then even bragged it to my friends.
YG: For me, it’s when I ate Pepperoni Pizza lately~
JY: Finding happiness in such trivial matters is a good thing right?
YG : Recently, wasn’t it so fun when everyone got delivery food together~?
All: Yup yup~
JY: Even so, my apology for on behalf of everyone for not talking about “LOVE” at all (laughs).
JB: As I thought, the moments I see our fans are when my heart always flutters.
JB: I’m filled with gratefulness and happiness because of them. Their existence is precious and important to me, that’s why it gives my heart a feeling as if it’s fascinated.
JY: Yes, yes, that’s right.
YJ: Every one of us thinks the same too •

What if the ideal fashion style you wish girls would wear in winter?
MK: The cold in Korea’s winter is super harsh, so I guess everyone can’t pay their mind much to fashion.
YG: Coordination with red and white like Santa Claus!
All: What is that~!! Ahahahaha (burst out laughing)
JB: It’s good as long as you all wear warmly, stuffs such as oversized knitwear or fluffy socks. Your heads will also get cold so please remember to wear knit cap or beanie too.
BB: JB hyung, so kind~
JY: However, it’s fine with us if you choose whatever fashion style you like. Our readers, please also cover yourself with warm clothes and listen to our songs as you spend this winter, okay!

The key to GOT 7’s team work is?
JB, MK, YJ, YG: Communication!
BB: Always be honest!
YJ: Frankness!
JB: In other words, almost everyone holds the same opinion that it’s talking to each other frankly and sincerely right?
All: That’s right!
JY: As I thought, communicating with each other in a sincere and openhearted manner is very important for our teamwork.
YJ: But we always end up talking too much and even straying to trivial topics, it also becomes a problem (laughs).
JY: We always talk too much that our topic gradually goes astray from the main point~ (laughs)
BB: But that’s fun so it’s alright~
YG: Everyone is always super loud (laughs).

What is the event that has left deepest memory in your heart ever since debut?
JB & YJ: When we got 1st place.
MK, JY, YG: GOT7’s exclusive tour. And World Tour which includes Japan too.
BB: Every time we have comeback! I always have strong fondness in each comeback of GOT7.
JB: It must be our first win ever to me after all.
BB: Same as earlier, but we unexpectedly hold different thoughts to each other.
JB: Isn’t that being diverse and different our good point?
YJ: The given range of from our debut is just too big, making it difficult for me (laughs).
BB: Maybe next time questions such as “Which do you like more, sushi or ramen?” would be good for us.
JY: Like this, do you get our “love” now!? (laughs)

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