At some point, GOT7 Mark approached us like a dream.

There are things you’d know without the need of it being explicitly said. There are things you feel just from the meeting of the eyes. GOT7 Mark doesn’t talk much but his heart is infinitely warm. Looking at him, one can read an untainted innocence and sincerity.

It’s already the fourth meeting with <The Star>. Have you been well?
Exactly. You’ve been well right? I’ve been well.

You showed sides of you that are both suave and sweet in this photoshoot, suiting the nickname ‘Firm Mark/Sweet Mark’ well. How was the filming?
I like the tone. I’m wearing really short shorts for the first time and it’s so fascinating. I think that I should try various things during photoshoots like this. 

In this photoshoot, your face did all the work. Do you know what that means?
I do. And that’s why I’m embarrassed (laughs). Thank you. I get really shy whenever I get complimented.

GOT7’s 2018 world tour ‘Eyes in You’ that visited 17 countries ended successfully.
It was really fun. Even though we sing the same songs, the reactions from the fans all differ in every country so all the shows feel new.

(Our) Editor personally went to watch the Seoul leg of the tour. Even during a huge show/performance, one could feel the ease (GOT7 possess); how do you rate your own performances?
We are always worried before a show on how we would seem to the audience. Watching from below the stage and standing on top of the stage is different. Thankfully, everyone had fun this world tour. For us, we still don’t really know. We want to do better. 

Which fans responded the most intensely?
South America. Their cheers were so loud, we were amazed.

Is there a venue that you really want to perform at or a show that you dream of doing?
I would like to hold our own show at a super huge venue where I can see 40,000 – 50,000 people in one look. And I want to try doing cool stuff while water falls from the top.

The GOT4 combination of the 4 GOT7 members who went for XtvN variety <GOT7’s Real Thai> is fresh.
That’s right. Jinyoung, Youngjae, BamBam and I. Somehow, the four of us went to Thailand. We went to film in the streets here and there and I think that’s why it is enjoyable to see.

I’m really surprised at the gag humor from you that I didn’t know about previously.
I’ve always liked teasing and playing around with my friends but it seems like this time round, more of my comfortable, real side was shown.

Out of the unique personalities from the GOT7 members, which member matches you the most recently?
Everyone’s pretty much the same. In the past, when I used to have concerns, I would talk to each of them individually and then organize their opinions. But now, I just gather everyone and talk. Which is why the members didn’t like it in the past. They always tell me, ‘Why don’t you say what’s on your mind?’ Nowadays, I try to show more of myself.

Compared to other groups, GOT7 seem to have more fans in their 20s and 30s.
That’s right. It’s fascinating. We don’t know what’s the reason behind it either. Why is it so?

How do you feel upon seeing the passionate liking from ‘ahgases’?
I’m still fascinated by it. It feels really weird and it still doesn’t feel real. If I see comments saying they like us, I think ‘What is this? Why do they like us?’ and I’m truly thankful.

You’ve been doing various fashion shoots by yourself lately and it feels like you’ve cemented yourself as a fashionista.
Yes. I’ve been having more interest in fashion. Out of the members, if our fashionista representative BamBam puts on straightaway things he’s curious about and tries various things, I’m the type to really ponder over it.

What are the items you have the most affection for lately?
I really deliberated over the bracelet and the pants that I have on right now before buying it but I really like it. I usually shop overseas or online.

There are also a lot of shopping areas in your hometown LA, aren’t there?
That’s right. I really like LA’s Melrose Avenue.

Don’t you want to live in LA again?
I do but right now I don’t really think of it. I’ve adapted to life in Korea and I’m comfortable here now.

What are you concerned or interested in lately?
It’s always about our team. Pretty much some time has passed since our debut so I talk even more with the members now. Whenever we see each other being exhausted, we give strength to each other.

What is Mark’s 2019 To-Do-List that you want to keep by?
I want to travel by myself. Since I’ve lived in the US, (I would like to go to) Europe. I’d like to travel for about 6 days.

Mark’s solo song ‘OMW’ is memorable with a hip and dreamy feel; what raises inspiration musically for you?
I think a lot when I’m alone. I don’t usually get inspiration out of the blue. Even for this solo song, I thought about it a lot and as I thought ‘Shall I just talk about my story?’, I worked on that.  

Is there an artist you’d like to work with?
I like Post Malone lately so I listen to him a lot. Mentioning him like this, if I do get to work with him someday, it would be fascinating right?

Between GOT7’s cute concept like ‘Just Right’ and a charismatic concept, which do you personally prefer more of?
Um. In the middle? I like something like ‘I am me’ which is one of the songs in our album. But I don’t know. The fans say they like our cute sides. There was also a time when I thought we should keep doing the cute concepts. Since that matches us. Seems like what we want to do and what we should do differs. What I personally like may not match us as a group. Since we are a team, everyone’s opinion is important.

What kind of side do you want to show to the public and fans as solo(ist) Mark?
When I’m by myself, I’d like to show various sides of me. That’s why this photoshoot is a good opportunity for me too. I want to always try new things. Today was really fun too. 

You seem like someone with a lot of tears and emotions. What kind of person are you in actuality?
Whenever I reveal my heart to someone else, I always cry. That’s why I don’t talk more and I think by myself and I became used to that. Being like that, I began to talk lesser. I’m much better now compared to how I was before.

Thinking of you keeping it all to yourself when you’re having a hard time hurts.
It’s comfortable for me that way. Ever since I was young, I’m not used to saying I’m having a hard time. My close friends are here in Korea for a trip now and looking at me, they said I’ve changed a lot.

Isn’t it because you’ve been living so intensely? I think you can live life a little more simply (in your thinking).
I want to be like that too but I can’t.

Not too long ago you had your 5th debut anniversary. Does it seem like you’ve somewhat achieved the dreams you had predebut?
I’ll be frank about this. From the times we were trainees and even when we first debuted, we wanted to be at the top like 2PM hyungs. Receiving a daesang at award shows. But after debuting, we realized how hard that was. So nowadays I don’t hope for that. Just like now, I want to communicate with the fans and do the music we want to do.

Being an idol, don’t you have moments where you feel uneasiness?
Previously, for a very brief moment, there was a time when I thought ‘What am I doing?’. I’m very obviously doing this because I like it but I was confused if it was right for me.

Is the current Mark happy?
Yes. I really like it now. I’m able to enjoy myself.

If there’s something you’d like to say to everyone as an ending
Wow. I feel pressured though? This is hard. If by any chance, you don’t know who I am or who GOT7 is, please look us up once. That is what I’ll say. Right now, I’m doing this photoshoot alone. But still, I hope that you know of not just me, but all of GOT7 members. I hope we become even more successful.

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Source: @kr_malemodel (photos)