3 days and 2 nights in Milan for the first time in their life isn’t nearly enough time to appreciate Milan. However, BamBam – Kunpimook Bhuwakul and Mark Tuan, two of the members of GOT7, South Korean hot boy group under JYP Entertainment, seems to spend their time in the most productive way by going to a fashion show, do a photo shoot and also meet their fans (..but how about exploring?)

Hours after visiting the Ermenegildo Zegna flagship store in Milan to choose their outfits for that special night, BamBam, Mark, and all the crew from JYPE and GQ Thailand are heading to the Milano Centrale, which is the giant building constructed and decorated in Art Deco style, and sit in the front row for Ermenegildo Zegna Couture – Fall/Winter collection 2019. Both mentioned that this was their first ever experience to witness the world-class brand fashion show. On the day, they not only have a chance to meet with celebrities such as the famous model Winnie Harlow and Hollywood star Daniel Bruhl, but they also enjoyed talking to Alessandro Sartori, the artistic director of Zegna who design clothes for them. After the show and the dinner ended, despite the feeling jet lag and tiredness after a long day of working, BamBam and Mark still had the energy and decided to meet their international fans who were waiting outside. Going outside, greeting their fans, taking selfies, and signing autographs for fans were not even in their schedule but the boys still did it anyway. Their actions show how much love and sincerity they have towards fans, especially the many Italian fans who came to see them and that’s another proof that shows GOT7 is not only popular in Korea or Asia but indeed a Global Idol.

Q: Being Korean Idols, you must be working in such a highly competitive environment, what is the unique factor that makes GOT7 stand out from other groups?
BB: Competition is a competition. I think we shouldn’t focus on competing with others, (that) is the best idea. In order to improve ourselves to be as good as and even better than others, I think we need to compete with ourselves. Everyone has their own limit and if we can overcome the wall of our limit one by one, you will be amazed by how you can reach to the point that you are right now. Last year, I was there but this year I’m getting better. I’m reaching to the point that I’m in now. I think this is more important to me.

Q: How about you, Mark?
MK: I think GOT7 has members who are able to speak in various languages. By that, we can communicate with our fans when we go to places such as Thailand, China or the States. As we are able to express our feelings, I think that makes the bond between us and fans stronger and it makes us stand out from other groups.

Q: What about a lot of fans saying that you two are very close? That you guys are very naturally comfortable with each other. What do you think bonded you two together?
BB: Mark, you go first. I still don’t know (laugh).
MK: I think it’s because BamBam and I are together the longest. I knew BamBam since I joined JYPE. We used to arrive at the company before anyone else because we didn’t have to go to school. We always go to the company at 10 am and it’ll always be just us in the morning because other boys will come to practice around 1-2 p.m.
BB: Yes, something like that.
MK: Yeah.. That’s why we always stick together. We talk to each other a lot because I feel comfortable with him. That’s why I look so natural when I’m with him.
BB: We’ve been together for almost 9 years.
MK: Right, we just talk to each other frankly like brothers when we argue.

Q: Mark, can you tell us what’s the best thing about BamBam?
BB: Here we go…
MK: Here we go. I think… He’s crazy… (laugh) I’m not quite a talker, I like being alone and keep things to myself but BamBam is nothing like that. We are like opposite poles of a magnet that attract each other. We are totally different but we are compatible at the same time.

Q: How about you, BamBam?
BB: Uh, actually my answer is pretty much the same as Mark. We’ve been together since I was smaller than him and now I’m taller. We’ve been through thick and thin together so now we don’t have to talk that much anymore. I don’t have to explain like, Mark, I like this or that. He just knows it as we are together for so long. As we are together for so long that makes both of us feel and act so natural around each other. Moreover, we have very similar tastes. Such as food, both of us love spicy food. We also love adventure activities, this that challenging like skydiving or roller coaster. I think because we have similar likings, music, tastes in food, so that’s why we never feel awkward around each other. 

Q: How about you, BamBam? What’s the thing you like about Mark?
BB: Mark’s habit is very similar to mine. We are both chill but the difference is that he’s quieter and a bit introvert. On the other hand, I’m more open. His personality is what I like about him. The same taste we share and how he always take care of me from behind. Mark is not that person who shows how he cares to your face but he’ll always be waiting behind your back to support you, like a backup.

Q: People said that fame is a dangerous thing. So, you have to be cautious of your actions. Do you feel pressure, BamBam?
BB: Yes, especially during the very first years. I’m getting more carefree now as more people understand my personality. There are many things that are not bad or illegal but because we are the one doing it.. It must be because we are public figures, things like hanging out with friends and drinking alcohol shouldn’t be wrong as I’m not under-aged and we always drink at the appropriate time and places but still, it’s an improper thing to do in majority’s eyes. I used to hide that side of mine at first but as I’m getting older I decided to show that side more. I can’t live showing just what others want me to be, I need to be myself too.

Q: How about you, Mark? Do you feel that pressure?
MK: It’s true that people are watching you every single step of the way and you need to be very careful before doing anything once you are a public figure, especially when some teenagers look up to you as their idol; I feel that I need to be more careful. Just a very tiny mistake can be seen as a big mistake by the crowd. I feel like that tiny mistake that makes the crowd mad shouldn’t have happened when it’s just some personal issue. Even though we’re famous now, I think we should keep being careful about what we express because it represents who we are.

Q: Mark, you start working at such a young age, what have you learnt from all these past years?
MK: I feel like I’m always learning. Even though I’m getting older but I’m still young. We debuted when I was 2..20 21? It’s 2014, I was 21.
BB: Woah!
MK: No, I was 20. Only 4 years have passed. I think what we do is different from others. Like, how we film the videos and such. I’m just indeed happy for what we do, to perform on stages.

Q: Have you ever feel tired of what you are doing, Mark?
MK: I do, sometimes.

Q: How do you manage with that feeling? What do you tell yourself to keep motivated?
MK: I think there are times when everyone is tired and stressed out with something. For me, I’ll spend some time with myself and I like doing things that relaxing, like, playing video games or sleep.
BB: Agree. Sleep is the best remedy.
MK: When I play games, I’m totally lose myself into it and it makes me forget about anything else. That’s why I really enjoy playing games.

Q: What about you, BamBam? You start working at even a younger age than Mark, what’ve you learnt from all these years?
BB: I started working since I was 17 and now I’m 22. I really learned a lot. Working makes me realize what the real world is. It’s kind of too soon considering my age at the time. I lost parts of my childhood while working but it’s okay as I get to learn how life is. I learned how to behave and that life is not as easy as I used to imagine. The game that we are playing now is not just an easy simple game. This path I am on gave me the opportunity to learn what school can’t teach you. I might not have the chance to go to school but I learned a lot while working and I think it’s also worth it.

Q: How do you light up your mood if you are feeling tired and drained during work, BamBam?
BB: Lately, I don’t feel down that much. It happened more often in the past. Most of the time when we feel tired, it’s because we don’t get enough sleep but it’ll just go away after a nap. I remember feeling discouraged in the past. It’s not like I’m down and want to give up but there are times that I feel like I give out 200 but only received 50 in return or when I work extremely hard but no one notices. However, I’m that type of person who will work harder so people will eventually notice me. If I do 10 and they don’t notice me, I’ll do 20, and if they still don’t notice, I’ll keep doing more and more. Sometimes, that discouraged feeling also encourage me to keep going.

Q: How do you feel when you are working in Thailand, it’s like coming home? BamBam?
BB: I feel good. As I normally live in Korea and all our work used to be in Korea. Korea and Thailand are pretty far from each other but every time I come back to Thailand, I feel welcomed here. Fans know every work I do in Korea and they never leave me. I also feel that Thai people are more open and accept who am I. Back when we just debuted, I’m just an average member. I’m not the best dancer nor the best vocal. I can’t rap well too. So, not many people know my ability and they don’t accept me at first. Things are a lot better now as time passes and I’m able to show all sides of mine. Many peoples who dislike me at first turn into fans. I think about the old times as my improvement period. I want people to know who am I and what I’m capable of. I think I’m doing good now but I still have much more sides to show to Thai fans. I love coming back to work in Thailand. It’s like I’m coming back home and also challenging as working style here in Thai’s entertainment industry is quite different from Korea.

Q: How about you, Mark? I know you have been working in so many places around the world but now that you are working in Thailand, what do like the most?
MK: WOW. I think the feeling here in Thailand is different. We do have fans everywhere but I think Thai fans are more… passionate,  I would say. YouTube views for example.
BB: When we drop new MV, we always see the percentage of Thai viewers are the highest.
MK: Yes! I feel great whenever I come to Thailand. I want to show Thai fans how grateful I am to have them and that I also care for them. Plus Thailand is BamBam’s home-country, I also like to go back to China as Jackson is there, while I come from LA. It’s always good to be back to one of our member’s home-country and meet with our fans.

Q: I heard that BamBam teach you some Thai words, can you show us, Mark?
MK: “A-Rai-Na” (T/N: Means ‘what?’)
BBะ A-Rai-Na

Q: Any other phrases?
MK: Pak-Mhen (T/N: Means ‘stinky mouth’)
BB: I have no idea where that come from. He knows this word since he’s 20. What’s more, Mark?
MK: Umm (thinking..)
BB: You favorite color!
MK: “See-Dang” (T/N: Means ‘red’)
BB: yes, yes, anything else?
MK: What’s more….
BB: I love you…..
MK: !%@#$%$_+ (Talk in Korean) “Chao-Guay” (T/N: Means ‘grass jelly’)

Q: You like CHAO-GUAY??
MK: Yes! I love it so much.
BB: Me too!
MK: “Long-Long” means hot right? (asked Bam)
BB: “Ron” means HOT, He knows quite a lot though.

Q: Let’s talk about your style. What’s a style that you can’t live without?
MK: This question is hard for me. I love to wear over-fit clothes because it’s comfy but I have quite a slim body so wearing over-sized clothes don’t let me express my figure though.
BB: I have quite a few. Boots and jewelry are definitely on the list. I love boots as it makes my legs look longer and I look taller than my actual height. For jewelry, I just love the blink-blink things generally.

Q: What comes to your mind when you hear the word street style?
BB: For me, it should be something casual and limitless. It can be colorful or no color at all. Street style can be various things. There are some real street style or high street too.
MK: I think about things that are comfy and casual. Things that you can slip in and just go out.
BB: Like for daily life?
MK: Yes. In daily life, people will just grab something to wear and go out. Street style is perfect for your ordinary day. For me, I normally pick a tee and jeans, for the casual look.

Q: Do you guys have any street style icon you personally like?
BB: I like Swae Lee which I’m not sure whether can I call him street style icon or not but I think he is. I also Like Justin Bieber, he makes me fall in love with sneakers once again, after time I was crazy for boots.
MK: For me, it’s Kanye West. He usually wears lots of street brand.

Q: Any fashion trend that you wish it will make a comeback?
BB: Umm…I don’t know. I think fashion trends normally in a loop. Things that popular in the past will get back in trend eventually.
MK: I think retro is the trend now.

Q: What’s your fashion style when you were a kid?
MK: When I was a kid?
BB: Baggy pants and over-sized tee.
MK: I only remember skinny jeans, everyone would be wondered why would I was wearing girl pants.
BB: You know what, these days the world of fashion is so open. People can wear whatever they desire. You don’t have to care about brands and what should or shouldn’t wear anymore. There’s no such thing and people can be carefree about their own style.
MK: I would love to see more colorful clothes back on trend.

Q: You mean vibrant color outfits?
MK: Yes, things like knit sweater suit. I rarely see one and it’s so pleasing but people wear it less and less.

Q: Do you have lots of clothes in your wardrobe?
MK: I think I do.

Q: How do you organize your wardrobe?
MK: I have one room just to keep all the jackets like leather, denim, and wind jacket. As winter in Korea is extremely cold, I dedicated one room only for that type of clothing. Apart from that room, I keep my tee and pants for dance practices at one corner in my bedroom. Another corner for hoodie, padding, pajamas, and daily outfits are separated.

Q: You sounds like a meticulous person
MK: Yes, I am!

Q: So you actually organize all your clothes like a fashion section in the department store?
MK: Yes, I do it that way.

Q: How about you, BamBam?
BB: I do the same. I hide all the clothes behind the curtain though. I organize my clothes by season. Start from summer, winter, and fall, so if you enter my room, you will find 5 black identical skinny jeans followed by white and gray color and a corner for dance practice outfits. I do have some corners similar to Mark like a leather jacket and such. I also organize clothes by brands and category. A very simple way to do.

Q: If you need to imagine yourself as a pair of sneaker, what would that sneaker look like?
BB: If I’m going to design a sneaker, it would be a slim fit one, not so many details but a plain sneaker. I would love to do a high ankle sneaker with a simple color on one side and another side filled with embroidery. I think that represents myself as I’m an ordinary person on one side and also has the wild side too.
MK: What should I be? (thinking…) I think the most important part is the shape. I don’t like sneakers that are too thick. I prefer the slim one and for material, I like suede leather or just any material that is comfortable to wear. Honestly, it can be just a simple white canvas sneaker as I’m currently obsessed with white shoes.

Q: Please leave some message for Thai ahgases as you two will be on the cover for GQ Thailand.
BB: It’s my 2nd time as a cover for GQ Thailand but this time I asked Mark to join. This time, we made it to Milan. There will be versions for cover so please support us.
MK: We would like to thank GQ Thailand for bringing me and BamBam to Milan and join Zegna’s fashion show. It’s such a huge opportunity and I wish to go back to Thailand and meet Thai ahgases again real soon!

Translated by marktuan.net
Photos by GQ Thailand, GOT7