Hello ahgases!

In the new year too, Monthly-Mark comes by our side to look for us with Mark’s <VOGUE> March issue
Did everyone enjoy it?
It’s that photo-shoot that contained the black and white emotions filled with a delicate and soft ambiance.
But the reason why <VOGUE> is even more special is because of the filming of the video that was released yesterday~
We are fi.na.lly revealing the behind scenes that will make you drown in Mark’s charms!


Mark once again at his most handsome right from the first outfit!
We are doing the magazine photo-shoot before the video filming~
As expected of Mark, even while he is looking delicate, it is filled with an ambiance exclusive to Mark.

Going right into the first video filming.
In Mark’s space, Mark is thinking hard and imagining something!
It seems like 2019 will be a good year… Since we are able to see sensitive-Mark right at the start of the year…

OH it’s finally here OH
Isn’t the reason Mark doesn’t play the guitar is because he will strum the hearts of ahgases stronger than the guitar strings?
Even just by holding an instrument, Mark is an art!

In that space belonging to only Mark, Mark is releasing his emotions through music!
The minute Mark held the guitar, a new world record has been achieved, all of you know the movie Mark-hemian Rhapsody right…

Can we live without Mark?

Although he showed off this deep atmosphere, Mark laughed brightly as he actually doesn’t know how to play the guitar!
Laughing so harmlessly like this is cheating.. But it’s my life’s rule.. It’s the forever law.. The definite rule..1

The brown shirt that fits Mark perfectly,
We can’t miss that scene out, can we?

If I could turn back time and travel back to the Renaissance
I will boast Mark’s visuals to all of the century’s artists and after that, leave it as art in all shapes and forms 7ㅅ7

For Mark, this cute side is easier to do than breathing!

Going straight into shooting with the black jacket as the additional point!

[Official announcement] Mark’s visual is unrivaled.. “A beauty that cannot be replicated regardless of methods used”

After the magazine photo-shoot ends, the video filming resumes!
The truth that remains unchanged in 2019: “beauty + flowers = truth”.

This place that was brought by Mark’s imagination, is it not the insides of ahgases hearts?
The siren keeps going off due to Mark’s visuals…
But there is an outfit that makes the siren in ahgases’ hearts go off intensely!
And that is sleeveless Mark! Prepared specially for ahgases!

We can’t miss out on Mark whose smile makes everything melt, as well as photo-shoot genius Mark…

Withdrawal symptoms: The sign of waiting for Mark Tuan more than Fridays,
a common symptom in 21st century ahgases

Mark proficiently carries out the elevator filming that was an impromptu suggestion!
He’s merely leaning against the wall but he’s already shot a movie…
Right now, there is a craze all over the world and it’s sold out so it’s straight to producing the follow-up…

Mark Tuan who doesn’t forget to work out in between filmings!
Mark, how are you so perfect?

Due to Mark who didn’t lose his laughter despite the long filming, the atmosphere in the filming venue was very very happy!
Spiked up hair Mark that ahgases love the most! 7ㅅ7

With the late night and skies filled with stars at the last rooftop scene,
Mark’s ‘SENSATIONAL TRIPPER’ video filming has ended!
(feat. Mark showing off his breath) (But I can’t see anything past his cuteness)
And the reason why this day was even more special!
It would be Vogue’s Editor-in-chief who came personally to cheer on Mark!

With Mark’s genius and efforts, as well as the Editor-in-chief’s reassuring support, the day ended with even better results!
Because there were moments like this, the photo-shoot and video came out to be even more dazzling
A photo-shoot that showed Mark’s delicateness and charms, and for those who have not seen the video yet,
Watch it now through VOGUE!
Showing his genius side through Monthly-Mark,
as well as a designer who personally designed XCIII REVOLUTION series, Mark is showing his good sides!
What other Mark news will come finding us excitedly and joyfully in the future?
Mark who wants to be with ahgases in 2019 too, just like any other time!
You will be with Mark and GOT7 too right?♥

Translated by marktuan.net
Post source: JYP Post

  1. This is a play on the Korean words.