Duan Yi En, American-born-Chinese, the 17-year-old him who has been living in LA for a long period of time, headed to Korea alone for the audition to become a trainee in an entertainment company. This is definitely an act of a courageous youth who goes all out to fight for what he wants. 

On 16 January 2014, Mark Duan Yi En debuted with outstanding visuals and a voice that’s filled with charisma, becoming an iconic individual among the GOT7 members who have overwhelming amount of fans.

From being a piece of “white paper” when he was a trainee to one who’s involved in writing the lyrics, composing songs, and also a RAP and MAT representative in the team. This is the fruit of his constant self-restriction and tough training that he had been through for 3 years, shaping the Duan Yi En who’s such an excellent individual today.

On the magazine shoot day, the moment when the door was opened, the afternoon’s sunlight shone eventually on his face. Watching his smooth complexion and high nose bridge, when he smiles it forms the perfect curve. When he walks closer, under his long eyelashes hides a pair of clear and lively eyes that’s like the morning dew. Just one glance, one will be flustered and would dare not look straight into his eyes. 

Duan Yi En isn’t someone who speaks much, but after interacting with him, one would realize that he has a lively side too. Aside from the time spent shooting, sometimes he will daydream, or even dance and sing along to the music. When he’s not smiling, he gives off a really classy aura. When he smiles, he’s like the sunshine, so warm and cute that everyone falls for him. 

He’s also a fashion expert in GOT7. In January, when Duan Yi En attended the Milan Fashion Week, he got to interact with many fashion icons, taking a step further into the fashion industry. Continuing from the first collaboration with Represent to produce clothing designed by him, he released the second collaboration with Represent on Monday. When asked what kind of brand does he want to create, he mentioned that he would like to create one that allows everyone to wear comfortably, one that is suitable as a street style fashion brand. We really look forward to the day of seeing Duan Yi En being able to create his ideal fashion brand. 

“Work Hard, Play Hard” is a quote that he believes in life. May this youth who’s gifted with talent and visuals be able to always do things that he likes, to be able to chase his dreams, live a life that he desires. 

Q&A session

Q: Since you know a lot of languages, are there any interesting things that happened when you communicate with others?
Sometimes when I’m in LA talking with my friends and family, I will unknowingly speak in Korean.

Q: What’s the biggest change you see in yourself from debut till now?
I feel that up till now my mindset is constantly changing since there are a lot of things to learn. The biggest change is maybe when I’m faced with a situation/problem, I won’t solve the problem by myself and instead I will talk to the friends around me and my members.

Q: The type of drama that you want to trying acting in the most?
The one that I really want to try is… Horror movie? Hahah, I feel that it would be very interesting. And since I originally already like to watch horror movies, I really want to try it out. (Actually) any role will do, in the future I would like to try out different roles, interesting roles.

Q: Previously you’ve mentioned that you want to create a fashion brand. What are your thoughts on that?
Even though now I’ve yet to accomplish that, but if I were to really create one, I would like to create a street style fashion brand. The kind of fashion brand that allows everyone to wear clothing that are comfortable.

Q: Previously you released your self composed song . In the future will there be solo songs from you? Are there any plans in releasing a Chinese solo song?
As for now there’s no plan to release a solo song, but if there’s opportunities in the future then I’ll definitely produce it. For Chinese solo songs, I would really want to release one if there’s opportunities. Yup, I’ll definitely release it in the future!

Q: If there’s a chance to produce an album, what music genre would you like to try out? What kind of MV would you like to produce? What are your thoughts on producing an album?
I think doing this feels like there would be a lot of pressure/a lot to think about. I would love to try out different music genre. I want to make an album that consist of a different genre in every single song. As for the MV I would love to have it in a classy style. I like those that are very obvious, very eye catching/outstanding.

Q: What do you usually do when you’re free?
Usually I’ll rest at home or play games with my friends from LA. I’m in Korea then I’ll play bowling with my friends or go for a drink with my members.

Q: What are your plans in 2019?
In 2019 no matter it’s GOT7 or individual activities, I’ll try my very best to accomplish them. This year I’ll have to work even harder to learn Chinese, be more like a local, I really want to communicate better with the fans in China.

Good morning call

Ahgases! Ya! Quick wake up! Don’t sleep anymore! Good morning, I’m Duan Yi En.

Q: Please use “I Love You” to compose a 3-line confession poem for the fans who like you.

I have something to ask
Love you all, this thing
You all know right?

Translated by marktuan.net
Photos: GOT7 Official