The GOT7’s member Duan Yi En who recently received the “Weibo Hot Star” award is still immersed in the happiness of receiving the award. “Thank you everyone for your trust in me; by receiving such a recognition from everyone, it means that I would have to continue to work hard in order to give back to the ones who love me”, he said. From being casted in California to debuting as an artist in a Korean idol group, his path to achieving his dreams seem to be smooth sailing but only he knows the sweat and tears behind all the hard work. During the magazine shoot, we realised that the silver-haired shy boy doesn’t have the characteristics of a typical Virgo. He who is serious and professional while doing the shoot, is also being humble, shy and cute; leaving a deep impression on us. We believe that this young man who attracts the attention of thousands of fans would have a long way to go in his future path….

After the short holiday for Qingming Festival has ended, Mark Duan Yi En’s schedule was already fully packed. On the first day of work after the short holiday ended, Mark who had two magazine shoots rushed over after completing the previous magazine shoot, being really on time upon reaching our venue. As a rap and MAT representative in the group, Mark is very sensitive to music. When he heard hip-hop or music with a relatively stronger beat, it seems like his “dynamic senses” has been activated, happily dancing and humming along to the music. While walking in the city, he’s busy hustling nonstop; “a city a day” has long ago became a part of his daily life. Just like the theme for this issue, the “Contemporary Transformer”, constantly searching for more in the city, to become a better self. 

Hello Mark, we’re really happy to be able to work with you for the May cover issue’s shooting. Please share with the fans on what you’re doing recently.
The schedule as a whole is quite packed, recently other than my solo activities, I’ve been the special MC for JUS2 Premiere Showcase Tour and also we’re preparing for our next album. Everyone please do support us!

We’re aware that after you’ve been on Youku’s All For One, you’ve received a lot of good responses and you were also invited as the special mentor. Would you still be meeting everyone via this form (as a mentor) from now onwards?
I feel that as long as I’m able to meet ahgases more often, no matter what form/via which platform, it’s alright for me.

If you didn’t choose to be a singer, what occupation would you be in now?
I would probably be studying earnestly in order to charge up myself (prepare/improve) and enjoy living in the moment.

Previously you’ve done a collaboration with the clothing brand, “Mark Tuan x Represent”.  What made you have the idea of doing a collaboration with a clothing brand? 
I felt like it was a really good opportunity. Initially my friend only briefly mentioned it to me, he said that currently there’s an opportunity like this, and he asked for my opinion. Since I’m originally relatively interested in clothing, design and fashion, so naturally this collaboration was made possible. And also I dress really comfortably during daily life, I’m someone with my own opinion when it comes to choosing an outfit.

Through the social media we’re aware that you really pay attention to the latest trends. Can you share with us your thoughts on fashion? In the future are you considering to taking a step forward in the fashion industry? Or any collaboration with any clothing brand?
Other than the “Mark Tuan x Represent” that I’ve previously mentioned, I’m originally very interested in fashion. People always wear the clothes that they like, those that suit them, it seems to be a small idea but actually this is everyone’s fashion concept. I feel that everyone’s fashion concept towards what they wear and their style is related to their character. If this person likes to challenge himself, be adventurous, then he might wear something more classy or do a very bold combination of colours when choosing what to wear. If you’re a quiet person, then you might wear something more simple, plain colour clothings. If there are opportunities in the future, I’ll try my best to cooperate.

Are you someone that differs a lot in your work and personal life? In terms of character, fashion style and mindset.
There are times like that. In daily life I’m someone who’s quiet, seeks for a comfortable life. But in work life, I’ll be very professional and give in my all to concentrate on what I’m doing. When it’s needed during work, when facing the audience and on stage, I’ll wear something that’s more bold, exaggerated. But in daily life I’m alright as long as it’s something comfortable to wear.

We’re aware that you do some mukbangs too. Usually do you do any research about food? What’s your favourite Chinese dish?
Actually I’m pretty interested in different kind of food. But I’m someone with the character that feels like if it’s too troublesome, then I wouldn’t go out deliberately just to eat delicious food, that’s my style. I really love Asian food, like Chinese, Korean, Thai, Japanese cuisine, I think as long as there’s rice I would like it more. (Laughs)

Q: What are your plans in the future? Is there anything that you would like to say to the fans?
M: In order to better communication with everyone when we meet, I’ll work even harder to learn Chinese and also Chinese characters. Hopefully there will be more activities in the future as I expand my career in China; in that case I would be able to meet ahgases~ As GOT7, the 7 of us will definitely have a comeback~ No matter the hardship that we’re going to face, as a family we would work hard together, to face any sort of challenges together! I will work hard in everything that I do! I want to say to ahgases who’ve been waiting for very long, I’ll be coming to China these days, so please look forward to us meeting!

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Credits: GOT7 Facebook (photos), SIZE潮流生活 (video) & SIZE潮流生活 (gifs)