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Update on their “right now”! Profile hashtags#
Find out all there is to know about the members’ charms from their answers that are full of personality
Introduction of the hashtags on things, events and people that make up who they are lately

#Loves Alone Time Too Much
#Learning A Language Is A Battle With Yourself
#Man Who Cooks

Born on 22 September 1994 in Korea
“Lately, my keyword is ‘alone’! I’ve been working hard learning Japanese using Japanese dramas and movies as my textbooks. I started with Korean subtitles, but I’ve decided to watch them without subtitles in the future. In addition, if I do get time off, I spend time alone leisurely most of the time, cooking, writing lyrics or listening to music etc. The song that I play on repeat is Shawn Mendes’ ‘Lost in Japan’”.

#Fans Are My Remedy
#Touching Live Performance
#Water Activities with Yugyeom

Born on 4 September 1993 in the US
“If I were to talk about something that is touching lately, it would be that we were able to hold a large scale concert in Korea for the first time. The time that we get to be able to meet directly with the Ahgases who are a precious existence to us, is extremely important to me. I feel safe/a sense of relief when I see the faces of Ahgases! Come to think of it, recently after the Seoul concert, because we had a little bit of free time, I went to Gapyeong with Yugyeom for water activities. It was fun!”

#Everything Is A Source of Inspiration
#The Sound Of The Rain Is A Lullaby
#Silence Is What I Love

Born on 6 January 1994 in Korea
“The sources of my inspiration are, when I read books, when I walk along the streets I used to travel along, when I watch movies. The movie that I watched recently is ‘Me Before You’. I like quiet and natural sounds, lately when I sleep, I listen to the sound of the rain and it’s comforting. If I have free time, I’ll go to the forest where silence drifts, and lie down with my eyes closed. It’ll be good to have time like that.”

#Passionate About Research
#Love For Hip Hop
#Unable To Take His Eyes Off The Weeknd

Born on 17 November 1997 in Korea
“If I were to talk about something that I’m really interested in at the moment, it has to be dance and singing. I have been thinking about choreography of hip-hop style dances, watching videos of dancers that I like, and researching about how to put up better performances. I like the Canadian-born artiste The Weeknd, from his vocals to his sensibility, there are lots of things to learn. There are still so much things that I need to learn.”

#Thinking About Interior Design When Awake Or Asleep
#Obsessed About Colours And Materials
#Rest At Home

Born on 2 May 1997 in Thailand
“I just moved recently, so I’ve been really into interior design. In the past, the theme of my room was white, but this time I’ve been immersing myself in doing up a room that is black and grey, and using marble as the base for the bed. Lately, no matter where I go, I go as far as unconsciously checking out furniture and beddings, I’m working hard on it! Because I like spending time leisurely at home on my day off, I want to be very particular about even the smallest details of the interior design.”

#I Have Captured Coco’s Heart
#Fans Have Captured My Heart
#Gamer At Heart

Born on 17 September 1996 in Korea
“My pet dog Coco, a maltese, is an existence that always comforts me! It always waits for me and is full of aegyo. If we talk about comforting, it has to be the time I play games too. On my day off, I play games for the whole day! In the real world, you can’t see with your eyes how much you have worked, but in the gaming world, you accumulate experience points and you can see your hard work visually, so it’s interesting. Ah, of course Ahgases heals and comforts me too.”

Creation by the members! A game where you attach a meaning to the name

Something that can be used on a daily basis!? Master the “GOT7 language” that plainly shows the characters of the members, and you can join the ranks of being a GOT7 expert


[Beom] Sleep (laughs)

JB: Because my full name is Jaebeom so I think Beom is good. For me, because I have the most sex appeal in the world, wouldn’t it be good to give it the meaning of “sexy”?
JY: Rejected! Lately, his eyes are getting smaller and smaller, it seems like they are almost disappearing, so how about “sleep”? (laughs)
All: (Bursts out laughing). Accepted!
BB: So now I’m going to “Beom”~! (pretends to sleep)


[Mark] Go into stealth mode

MK: “Mark” means to be crazy about me. Ahgases is “mark” every day~!
JB: Oh I thought of something! Lately, when I want to look for Mark to talk about something, I can’t seem to find him. That is because his ability to blend in with the surrounding is amazing! So, “mark” means to “go into stealth mode”!
BB: Mark, aren’t you going to “mark” today? (laughs)


[Park] Do things at your own pace!?

JY: “Park” means….
BB: Lately, he has this free and do-as-he-please feeling, so how about “do things at your own pace”?
JY: The drama “He is Psychometric” which I acted in has started airing in Japan! Everyone please be sure to watch it~!
YJ: He suddenly started promoting (laughs). He indeed does things at his own pace!


[Gyeom] Become happy

JB: If you look at Yugyeom, there are often moments where you think he looks happy
JY: That’s because as the maknae in GOT7, he is loved by all of us (laughs)
MK: So…… let’s use “Gyeom” when you want to express not having to worry about anything and being absolutely happy!
YG: The time that we get to meet Ahgases, I “Gyeom”


[Youngjae] Become smart

JY: If we were to pick the smartest one amongst the members, it’s Youngjae!
All: That’s right. We have no doubt.
YG: So that is to say, we have decided that “Youngjae” means to “become smart” with no objections!
YJ: That’s a good meaning! Before anyone changes his mind, let’s move on to the next person!
MK: Although I’m regretting it, I can’t find another definition! (laughs)


[Bam] Become rich

MK: “Bam” means to be busy working in both Korean and Thai languages, so how about to “become rich”? (laughs)
BB: Eh~ do I have such an image!? There’s no such thing!
JB: It has the meaning of BamBam possesses a luxurious aura (laughs)
YG: That’s cool!
YJ: There, we have unanimous agreement!

From Korea to Japan, and around the world
GOT7 who is united by a strong bond

Precisely because it’s a gathering of members who are of different types, it gave birth to a strong energy.
Let’s talk about the group that continues to expand their lively stage with their new song!


GOT7 who has broken new grounds with their emotional new music

GOT7, who is in their 5th year since debut, releases a mini album “LOVE LOOP” in Japan on July 31. The title song which bears the same name as the album, is a song that is full of emotions, singing about “we’ll definitely meet, the fate that is bound by a red thread”.

YJ: I think it’s an album that is full of emotions throughout. In particular, I hope you’ll check out the MV of the title song “LOVE LOOP”. As we are expressing the lyrics through a choreography that we have not done before and beautiful images, you will definitely be able to immerse yourself better in the world of the song if you watch it while listening to the song. It will grip your heart.
MK: The collaboration with the animation drew out a side of us that has never been seen before right?
YG: I myself had not come across this sort of MV before, I was excited to be able to take on this new challenge.
BB: Certainly. The songs in this album are all new songs, but my favourite has to be “LOVE LOOP”. It relaxes your heart when you listen to it.
JB: My favourite is “YOUR SPACE”!
MK: That’s because you wrote it isn’t it?
JB: That’s right! I had a hand in writing the lyrics and the melody so it’s a song that I feel a strong attachment to.
YG: For JB’s song, the hook is addictive so I like it.
BB: When did you write it?
JB: While I was lying down at home, the moment when the brightness of the lights of the chandelier came into my view suddenly, inspiration struck and I wrote it.
BB: You’ve got sense/flair! It blows my mind that you are able to write a song just looking at a chandelier~ As expected of JB hyung!
JY: I highly recommend “SUPERMAN”. Your heart will feel refreshed when you listen to it.
MK: Me too. The musical style of this song is a first for us, so there was fresh feeling when we sang it.
YJ: For me, it has to be the song “Memo” that I wrote. I wrote this song with the meaning of recording/documenting the love.
JY: That’s romantic!

Moving on to the next stage with their strong bond as the weapon

During the interview and shoot this time, from the start till the end, the members’ laughter reverberated in the studio. Cheerful and close-knit no matter when, what’s the secret to GOT7’s strong bond?

JY: We are able to foster the bond by having proper discussions amongst the members in every situation.
JB: Recently, BamBam who is younger than me, got angry with me over some matter. Usually, there will be hesitation when someone younger expresses his or her opinion to someone older right? But BamBam spoke to me clearly about his own opinion. This is only possible when we have a relationship built on trust. We are able to say what we want to say without holding back.
MK: But what he said so far only applies to JB and BamBam (laughs)
YJ: It’s a relationship like Tom and Jerry right? (laughs)
YG: The strong cat JB hyung, and the mouse BamBam…… (laughs)
JY: And, if you were to talk about the GOT7 way to strengthen the bond, once someone starts to jokingly tease one of the members, everyone will go all out to tease the person! (laughs)
BB: The target changes every day. Today it’s JB hyung~!

At the moment, they holding the Japan Tour “GOT7 Japan Tour 2019 “Our Loop” where their new songs will be presented, and they are also doing the biggest world tour in the group’s history. You guys who are always moving forward without staying in a fixed place, what are your thoughts about this tour?

JB: While preparing, we were really worrying about what kind of concert will the people who come to watch us enjoy. That’s why, we would be happy if at the end of the concert, it turns out to be a concert that makes fans think “we want to come again. I want to watch their live performance again soon”. And, I think we don’t have to tense up because the scale of the tour got bigger, it’s only about showing the hard work we have accumulated day by day on stage properly just like before.
BB: It will be great if we are able to do our best such that after the concert ends, people are able to feel that “so this is GOT7” and to reaffirm our bond (with the fans).
JY: Let’s work hard and aim towards growing to another level!
All: Ahgases, please enjoy the concert!


Translation and magazine scans by @apple_5840.