On 19th January 2021, members of GOT7 all shared a handwritten letter on their respective Instagram accounts. The letter conveys the thoughts of the members upon the conclusion of their contract with their agency, JYP Entertainment. The letter reads as follows:

Ahgases, this is GOT7. First up, we feel truly truly sorry to our ahgases to be writing for this reason. We have decided not to renew our contract with JYP, (the people) whom we started with and did their best till the end, and we have decided to cheer on each other’s future. And our members will be beginning a new start with people who will be responsible and move forward with us for each of our future. We wanted to inform our fans first so we’re writing to you like this. Regardless of the words said, we know very well that we will not be able to fill the hurt and anxiety that ahgases feel. However, as GOT7, there is truly one thing we can tell ahgases! For all our ahgases, we will continue to do music! We want to create (music) and spend time together sharing it with you! We do not want the memories of ahgases supporting and watching over us who are lacking to be something of the past but rather we want it to be a future to head forward to. It won’t just be a ‘hope’ but we will show you, for a long time, a reality of the 7 of us growing in different ways. love you IGOT7.