[OSEN, 10 November 2020]: GOT7 who announced their comeback showed a deeper vibe through a much more sophisticated charm.

At midnight on 10th of November, through their official SNS channel, (GOT7) released a group teaser photo for their new album ‘Breath of Love : Last Piece’.

It was a photo that showed the seven members standing still in between passersby who are moving past them quickly, as if time has stopped for them.

Portraying a moment where they saw a loved one, the air freezes in time and everything else in that moment with the exception of that person, becomes cloudy. Anticipation is growing with regards to the new concept (shown).

Even though GOT7 are standing listlessly, their presence shows and is attracting attention, making everyone anticipate the next teasers.

GOT7 will be returning with their fourth full length album ‘Breath of Love : Last Piece’ on 30th of November.

As part of the comeback promotion, they will be pre-releasing a new track ‘Breath (You Make Me Breathe)’ on the 23rd of November at 6PM.

The title ‘Breath’ which connects to the album name ‘Breath of Love : Last Piece’ is creating curiosity on the connection the two have.

GOT7 last released their full length album in September 2018 with ‘Present : YOU’ and fans are anticipating (the new full length album) even more after 2 years of wait.